Joy & Meditation: Not just a happy feeling – Teaching Retreat, October 2010

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2 Responses to “Joy & Meditation: Not just a happy feeling – Teaching Retreat, October 2010”
  1. Arie

    This was very valuable to me.
    I was recently deteriorating in my level of meditation, and I think it might have been caused by too much attention to my progress.
    I would add that recently I tried consciously to generate joy in my meditation, and it seems to be possible to generate joy intentionally, even at the very initial stages of meditation, and it is much more fun to meditate with joy!

  2. elizabeth enfield

    would like to know if i can spend time at your retreat center this coming winter january, febraury,
    thank you
    i work with jesse fallon and have met camillo cerro here in massachusetts this past weekend here in massachusetts

    thank you elizabeth enfield
    i have a home in sedona it’s rented out but i can use my own room there and commute to tucson…
    waiting for your reply
    both the above teachers have recommended you highly…..

    please put an’e’ before the mail address thank you i put my postal address/////