Ongoing Teacher Training Invitation


Culadasa is planning to start a new Dharma Treasure Teacher Training Course in late 2017. If you would like to be considered for this new group, please look over the following expectations, then complete and submit the application form which can be downloaded from the link at the end of this page. Your application will not be considered until closer to the beginning of the course – do not expect a response until at least October. Thank you.


Expectations of a student

Be willing and able to attend two years of interactive on-line classes, meeting approximately every two weeks.  Classes will be scheduled around Culadasa and the group’s combined availability, to the extent possible. Each class will be two hours in length.   (Arizona does not observe daylight savings time, thus your local class time may change during the year.)

Commit to not missing more than one class in a row, and not more than two in any 6-month period.

Teach meditation, using Culadasa’s method as a primary source, in some form, during the course duration.  This could be: in someone’s home, on-line, at a meditation or yoga center, at work, etc.
Have a personal regular meditation practice during the course duration.

In advance of each on-line class (estimated 3-5 hours total between classes)

  • Complete assigned readings
  • Complete assigned questions and written work
  • Submit several questions of your own, on the reading material and from your current teaching experiences.
  • Be prepared to discuss as a group
Cost for the course

$1,000, due upon acceptance, for approximately 45 classes over two years.

Required Text

The Mind Illuminated, by Culadasa, Immergut, and Graves


Once approximately every two weeks for two years.


Students will be listed as an “authorized” teacher on the Dharma Treasure website as long as they remain in the course, and after completion.


Please complete the application, [which you can download here]

if you are interested in being considered by Culadasa for this training,

and email it to