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You are on Your Way!

I want to share a recent correspondence with a very dedicated, capable, and perceptive meditator. My responses are interspersed with her questions, and shown in italics.   Dear Culadasa, I would like your guidance on some questions: I have learned from the practice that I am not my body, and I am not my mind….

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An Extraordinary Gift

Jotidhamma Bhikkhu, Upasaka Culadasa’s teacher, and Brian Harris have offered this Buddha rupa as a donation to Culadasa and his dharma community. The statue was brought from Thailand by Jotidhamma and Brian (Jotidhamma’s assistant for over 40 years) in 1975. Culadasa is deeply moved by this gift, and in a letter to the Dharma Treasure…

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test audio post multiple mp3 files

Online Surveys     a [audio:http://s3.amazonaws.com/dharmatreasure/111002_Stronghold_Uposatha_woOrdination.mp3]Download c [audio:http://s3.amazonaws.com/dharmatreasure/111002_Stronghold_Uposatha_woOrdination.mp3]Download

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