Transcription Project

Please visit our transcription site. We are working to make as many transcriptions of Culadasa’s talks and teachings as possible.



Would you like to be a volunteer transcriber?

If you’d like to help realize Culadasa’s vision, then please consider signing up to be a volunteer transcriber. A transcription is a word for word account that can be referenced by students, teachers, researchers and even ghost writers of future books and articles. Not only is it a great way to be of service to others, it’s a wonderful way to intimately study a particular teaching that’s compelling to you.

If you’d like to volunteer, please visit the Dharma Treasure Transcription Sign-Up Form. Be sure to check out the “comments” feature of the document for further instructions.

If you have already discovered the effectiveness of creating transcriptions as way to study the dharma, we invite you to send your work to Eve Smith at If you have any questions, please contact Eve. Thank you!