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Deconstructing Yourself – A Nondual Practice Retreat

Join meditation teacher Michael Taft for a long weekend of practice, teaching, and discussion.

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A Personal Retreat

We are closed for rains-retreat starting the 4th of June, ending Sep 30th, and are only accepting experienced meditators staying for a longer retreat.

We will tailor a personalized retreat program and support you on a solo retreat specific to your needs and experience level.
Please contact for more information about visiting us this fall.

Work Retreat

Please contact if you have any questions on how to visit us for a work retreat. If you have teaching experience and would like to be a resident yogi, please fill out this form.

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Upcoming Events

Memoir as bewilderment:

a writing workshop with Nick Flynn

Sep 21 – 27

A five-day writing workshop in the Dragoon Mountains of southeast Arizona with poet/memoirist Nick Flynn

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The Mind Illuminated Retreat

Oct 13th – 22nd

Deepen your practice and knowledge of the 10-stage model of meditation described in The Mind Illuminated.

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The Appendix

Oct 28th – Dec 2nd

In this online workshop we will delve into the meditation methods in the appendix of The Mind Illuminated, exploring Culadasa’s perspective alongside other variations

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Aranna Gato – a cave retreat

Nov 11th – 18th

A wilderness retreat exploring the ancient practice of dwelling in nature. This is a collaboration with

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Nomad Retreat

Nov 18th -26th

An adventure retreat reconnecting people to the primal activity of moving through a landscape with a group of fellow travelers.

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Community Guidelines

Read our updated community guidelines on precepts and community participation.

We have also created a new Ethics and Reconciliation Council and process for dealing with ethical concerns, conflicts, and grievances within the community.

About the Retreat Center

Dharma Treasure Retreat Center at Cochise Stronghold hosts meditation retreats for both individuals and small groups.  Located in the Dragoon Mountains of southeast Arizona, this wilderness retreat has long been considered sacred — first by the Chiricahua Apaches and later by hundreds of meditators grateful to practice in this quiet canyon.

While being the birthplace of TMI, the Mind Illuminated method, the retreat center welcomes spiritual sojourners from all traditions, while providing support aimed at spiritual awakening, rooted in the teachings of the Buddha.

Cochise Stronghold is a magnificent natural wonder. Granite peaks rise to the east, south and west, spotted with chromatic, lichen-covered boulders, precariously balanced rocks, and charismatic formations that take on a life of their own. An evergreen juniper and oak forest grows in the valley, providing shelter for abundant wildlife including javelina, deer, and hundreds of species of birds. A seasonal stream flows from mountain top pools down through the canyon. Sharing a border with the Coronado National Forest, the retreat center is surrounded by hiking and horse trails that snake up into the mountains for miles.

The retreat center is located 90 minutes from the Tucson Airport, 45 minutes from Benson and Willcox, and 20 minutes from the small village of Sunsites. While remote, we are part of a close-knit rural community.

Feel free to check out what else Dharma Treasure has to offer:

The passing of Culadasa, John Yates

It is with sorrow and compassion that we announce the passing of Culadasa, John Yates. He was a founding member of Dharma Treasure, author of The Mind Illuminated and was also a teacher and mentor to many. We send our loving condolences to his family, friends, and students.


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