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11 – Light on Meditation Retreat, Jan 2013, in Andover, MA

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  1. George says:

    Culadasa holds a Q&A session. The audience has submitted questions on cards. The questions, in nutshells, are:
    • What is the difference between subtle and gross distractions?
    • When I scanned my body, it seemed that there was nothing but energy flowing. Am I on the right track?
    • After a body scan, I can’t meditate, I feel like I’m out of gas. Is that normal?
    • Mostly it seems to be easier to find breath types of sensations to meditate on – tensions, pressures, that kind of thing. Should we use those if we don’t find anything else, should we always look for wind type of sensations, or is either one fine?
    • What is the water element?
    • What is metacognitive introspective awareness, and does it imply that there is no meditation object?
    • What does it mean to say that at some point attention and awareness fuse?
    • How do I over come apathy? By thinking about death?
    • How do we better incorporate mindfulness and single-pointed concentration when we are not in a meditative state, such as when we are at work, etc.?
    As he discusses the question about apathy, Culadasa goes into detail about the antidote to the third hindrance: laziness and lethargy.

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