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Upasaka Culadasa
Upasaka Culadasa

Upasaka Culadasa is ordained as a dedicated lay-practitioner.

He has been practicing Buddhist meditation for 35 years and is the Director of Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sangha.

His intensive training in and integration of both Theravadin and Tibetan traditions provides students with a rich and rare opportunity for rapid progress and deep insight.

As a Ph.D. he taught neuro-sciences until 1996 when he left to lead a contemplative life.

He is now devoted to helping students master meditation skills.

Upasaka Culadasa has a unique lineage in that he teaches a broad synthesis of Buddhist Dhamma derived from both the Mahayana and Theravada traditions.

His principle teachers were Upasaka Kema Ananda and the Venerable Jotidhamma Bhikkhu, who were trained in both the Theravadin and Tibetan Karma Kagyu traditions by the Venerable Ananda Bodhi, originally a Theravadin teacher but who was also recognized by the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa as the tulku Namgyal Rinpoche of the Tibetan Karma Kagyu tradition.

Following is a Summary of lineage:

Upasaka Culadasa, ordained by
Upasaka Kema Ananda, ordained by
Namgyal Rinpoche [Ananda Bodhi], ordained by
His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, whose lineage is traced to the Buddha
Ananda Bodhi [Namgyal Rinpoche], ordained by
U Thila Wunta Sayadaw, ordained by
Bodaw Aung Min Gaung, ordained by
Acharn Mun Bhuridatta, whose lineage is traced to the Buddha

Upasaka Culadasa’s Dhammacariya (dhamma teacher) was
Joti Dhamma Bhikkhu, who was trained by
Namgyal Rinpoche [Ananda Bodhi]

Ananda Bodhi [Namgyal Rinpoche] was also trained by
Mingun Jetawan Sayadaw (U Narada)
Sayadaw U Ariya
Sayadaw U Pyin Nyein Da

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