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Culadasa Health Update

In October, 2015 Culadasa was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.  Unfortunately his sister died of the identical lung cancer the same month and his  surviving sister received the exact same lung cancer diagnosis.   The book was also released in October, 2015 with enormously positive response, but needless to say our small organization was overwhelmed.

This January, 2016 Culadasa’s father, who lived with us, also died.   Even though it was a beautiful death, it was still a lot to deal with in a short period of time.

The cancer treatments of radiation,  chemotherapy and thoracotomy were supplemented with much love and good will and lots of preventative and alternative measures.   Needless to say, it was still an extremely intense and  difficult time.

All the follow up  tests for the cancer have showed excellent response and we have high hopes for a complete recovery.   Culadasa still occasionally has difficulty breathing  (possibly a side effect of the radiation or chemo therapies) but he is determined to stick around.

We very much appreciate your dedication and support of him through this journey.   While there are presently no regularly scheduled teachings,   recent travels to the east coast to teach were a “watershed event” for his return to teaching.  Teaching Dharma truly does invigorate him.

Also, on a very positive note – many of you know that Culadasa battled with  neurological lyme disease for ~8 years, which in many ways led to his determination to pass along his wisdom.    In July, 2016 the last test for lyme was negative!

In Joy & Service,   Nancy Yates

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