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Dedicated Practitioner Course


We’re excited to introduce a new program designed to give serious students the structure and support to deepen their practice and prepare for further teaching training, if desired. This 9-month interactive online course offers a disciplined framework for learning about and practicing meditation in the style of The Mind Illuminated, focusing specifically on stages one through six, while integrating the essential teachings of the Buddha Dharma in the form of the Noble Eightfold Path. This class will be one of the prerequisites for future teacher training classes with Culadasa.


January through early October 2018

9 months, 2 classes per month, 18 classes total

Class meets on the first and third saturdays of the month starting Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 1-3 pm Arizona time. Arizona does not observe daylight saving time, so the class will be one hour later starting in March.

Structue of the Classes
  • Class will meet for 2 hours online using a video conference platform
  • Students will complete all assigned reading, listening, viewing and submit coursework prior to meeting so that class time can be used for active discussion  
  • Each student will be assigned an experienced Dharma Treasure teacher-in-training for regular meditation interviews and coursework support
  • Four experienced Dharma Treasure teachers and teachers-in-training will teach the course, with the final class being led by Culadasa himself
  • Program will be capped at 30 students

$495,  $645 or $795 (sliding scale) U.S. dollars for the 9-month program. Paying $795 makes one a benefactor who helps others attend. Paying $645 is the actual cost of the program, and $495 is the scholarship level. This will fully compensate the teachers of the class, but you will also have the opportunity to offer Dana (a donation) to your mentor.

  • Passion for meditation, in particular the Samatha Vipassana technique presented in The Mind Illuminated
  • Established regular meditation practice
  • Minimum of 7 days of residential silent intensive meditation retreat experience
  • Willingness to commit fully to this class and meet expectations, below
  • Course: Signed agreement committing to the 9-month program — including staying current with practices and question sets, coming to class prepared to discuss practice and reading, and not missing more than one class every 3 months
  • Practice: Complete at least one hour per day of formal seated meditation practice using the technique or level from TMI specified in the curriculum (one of which will be a different guided meditation assigned each week)
  • Practice: Complete at least three half-hour walking meditation sessions per week
  • Practice: Monthly check-in with assigned meditation mentor
  • Assignments: Complete all coursework, estimated to be at least 3-4 hours per week —  including listening to talks, studying, and completing question sets  
  • Community: Active participation in the online discussion forum between classes
  • Community: Meet with an assigned “buddy” or fellow student to discuss your practices and coursework
  • Logistics: Ability to participate in an online course including Internet and email access, and computer with webcam or microphone (alternatively a telephone could be used)

If all expectations are met, at the end of the course participants will receive a certificate of completion — one of the requirements for applying to future teacher training courses with Culadasa (health permitting).


Class 1 – Why and How to Walk the Path

Class 2 – The Mind Illuminated Introduction and Overview of the Stages

Class 3 – First Interlude  

Class 4 – Stages 1 and 2

Class 5 – Right View

Class 6 – Second Interlude

Class 7 – Stage 3

Class 8 – Right View

Class 9 – Right Intention

Class 10 – Stage 4

Class 11 – Third Interlude

Class 12 – Right Speech, Action, Livelihood (Sila)

Class 13 – Walking Meditation and Mindful Review

Class 14 – Fourth Interlude

Class 15 – Stage 5

Class 16 – Divine Abodes or Four Immeasurables

Class 17 – Stage 6

Class 18 – Q&A with Culadasa

      • Jeremy Graves is a meditation, mindfulness, and Dharma  teacher based in Los Angeles. Along with Culadasa and Matthew Immergut, he co-authored The Mind Illuminated. Jeremy has been meditating since 2002 and has accumulated nearly two years of intensive retreat experience. When he’s not being a Dharma bum, you can find him playing classical piano, composing, writing, or hiking in the Mojave or the High Sierras.
      • Blake Barton is one of the first graduates of Culadasa’s intensive four-year teacher training program. A Dharma practitioner since 2001, he has studied closely with Culadasa for over a decade and teaches regularly at Tucson Community Meditation Center. His practice of voluntary simplicity allowed him to retire early from a career in programming and dedicate his life to spiritual practice and service. Students appreciate his precise understanding of meditation and his grounded, calm, and welcoming demeanor.
        • Eve Smith has been practicing yoga, dharma, and meditation for over 10 years. She began studying with Culadasa in 2009 and is currently participating in his two-year Teacher Training Program. Eve lives in New York and works as a strategy director at a creative agency and has taught branding and communications at Parsons. She is constantly trying to balance practice and life — and blur the lines between the two.
      Eve Smith
      • Meshe Mooette has been devoted to meditation as a means of discovering the root of suffering and the nature of existence for the past 12 years. She has been blessed with many teachers from Mahayana, Theravadin and Dzogchen traditions. Her principal teachers include John Buchanan, Douglas Veenhof and Upasaka Culadasa. She lives in Vancouver where she writes and performs music with friends. 



The Application Deadline is Jan. 6th at 11:00 PM Arizona time

Apply Now: https://goo.gl/forms/2jgZrtRCykf6EdsY2

For questions about the course or the application process please contact Blake at tcmcregister@live.com or (520) 775-1626

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