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The Science of Meditation: Buddhist Wisdom Meets Modern Brain Science

The Science of Meditation w/ Culadasa – July 5 – 9 @ Shambhala Mountain Center

Thursday  Nights at the Tucson Community Meditation Center

1231 E. Edison Street, Tucson, Arizona

Every thursday taught by Dharma Treasure Teachers Nick and Blake

Check the TCMC Calendar and also their Current Newsletter for up-to-date class information.



Presented by Jeremy Graves Los Angeles, CA


Mondays at 7:30 PM Hosted at Middle Way LA

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCboiHp7zcwUNIWE9ihpN-_w

Register: http://www.middlewayla.org/keys_to_awakening

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/715572811939639/

Beginning on February 27th, The Mind Illuminated co-author Jeremy Graves will be teaching a ten-week course in Los Angeles about the different styles of insight meditation. This class is for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of insight practice in order to achieve happiness, wisdom, and personal transformation. It will introduce a range of powerful insight meditation techniques from The Mind Illuminated and traditional Buddhist schools (Tibetan, Theravadin, Zen, etc.), as well as some meditations developed by other practitioners living today. These are tried-and-true methods for achieving lasting well-being. You will come away from this class with your own personal “toolbox” of meditations to help you explore the mind and heal the heart.

Tuesday Nights in Sierra Vista, AZ

If you live in the Sierra Vista area, please visit Sierra Vista Dharma to find out about joining a small group of meditators.

Shelly Hubman – Mindful Arts Institute
Online Course – Bridge to Joy: Exploring Mindfulness


This course is meant:

To help you expand your experiential, as well as your intellectual, understanding of mindfulness.
To support you as you deepen and explore your current mindfulness practice.
To provide you with some tools (guided meditations and practices) to help you integrate your practice into your life as you awaken to ever expanding inner peace and joy.

Course Details

Registration Closes: Never
Beginning Date: October 10, 2016
Teacher: Shelly Hubman
Mediums: Primarily written and video instructions, plus some audio.
Materials Included: Written meditation instructions, downloadable audio MP3, instruction videos from the teacher, and a closed forum for asking questions and group discussion.
Price: $195
Length of Course: 7 weeks
Lessons Released: Drip-fed on individualized basis once per week
Prerequisites: None

Nick Grabovac – Vancouver, Canada


The 30 Days of Mindfulness Program

AuthentiCity – London

Trisangma Watson and Peter Watson



+44 7510 756 763


+44 7510 737 380

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