Dharma Treasure New York (DTNY)

Under the guidance of Master Culadasa, DTNY is a branch of the Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sangha of Arizona.  Our mission is to create a regional Sangha to delve deeper into all facets of meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and compassionate service.

If you’d like to be a part of this newly emerging Sangha please add yourself to our email list by using the form below, leaving the ‘New York’ box checked.  This will also sign you up to receive Culadasa’s newsletter if you aren’t already.

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Director of DTNY

Matthew Immergut is the current director of DTNY.  Matthew is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Purchase College with an ongoing interest in new religious movements, charismatic authority, the intersection of social theory and Buddhist philosophy and contemplative practices for the college classroom.  He is a longtime and passionate meditator, coauthor of The Mind Illuminated, and a dedicated student of Culadasa.

If you have any questions or would like to talk with Matthew, please email matthew.immergut@gmail.com

Of Special Interest

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