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Dharma Treasure Facilitators have been authorized by Culadasa to lead Dharma discussions, often on Thursday nights at the Tucson Community Meditation Center (TCMC).

Jordan HillJordan Hill

Upasika Dhammachandha (Jessica Seacrest)Upasika Dhammachandha (Jessica Seacrest)

After a four year stint in the Air Force, Jessica earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is currently a regional accounting manager for a civil engineering firm. In 2008, having never meditated, but seeking to quiet her mind, she attended a week long silent meditation retreat with Shinzen Young.  Soon after, she met Upasaka Culadasa. She realized  the Buddhadhamma was something that she had always been looking for; actually, it seemed the Buddhadhamma found her. She eventually took refuge and committed formally to live by the precepts – something that seemed a natural part of her spiritual progression.  Jessica is fascinated with the developing theory of the correlation between quantum mechanics and consciousness. She is slightly obsessed with knitting.

h_dhammadipaUpasika Dhammadipa (Shelly Hubman)

Audio with Shelly

I took the Upasika vows with Upasaka Culadasa to renew my intention to stop fitting the dharma into my life and make dharma study and practice both the foundation of, and the framework for, my life.  I wanted to remember to use Dharma teachings as the standard against which I measure my thoughts, speech, and actions.  I began studying Buddhism in 1993 because I was attracted to the idea of taking responsibility for myself and my actions instead of relying on the external Catholic God I had grown up with.  After taking a few classes on Buddhism and on meditation at Boston Adult Education, I joined Kurukulla Center and studied the Lam Rim and other Gelgpa teachings.  When I moved to Chicago in 1998, I practiced vipassana meditation with a Goenka-affiliated group and then focused on studying the Annapatisati sutta  in the book Mindfulness with Breathing with Santikaro of Liberation Park.  I moved to Tucson in 2008 and began studying with the extremely learned and realized master Culadasa with whom I continue to study.

Upasaka Mahanama (Dr. Tucker Peck)

Audio with Tucker

is a clinical psychologist in Tucson, Arizona.  He has studied meditation personally since 2005, and since 2007 has been involved in scientific research on how meditation affects the brain and body.  He is the director of Palo Santo Psychotherapy and Wellness, and he teaches several meditation classes a week over Google Hangout.  Tucker likes to tell people about how he has been to all 50 US states.

Blake Barton

Audio with Blake

Blake has been practicing and studying meditation seriously for approximately 10 years. He has been studying with Upasaka Culadasa for about 7 years.  He has attended numerous meditation retreats, and he has an interest in helping people find more happiness in their lives.

Nick Van Kleeck

René Miranda

Audio with René

Tesa Mayorga

Jesse Fallon

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