Dana is a gift from the heart made at the time of service, whether at a retreat, dharma talk, or other sangha gathering, or following a private interview. The practice of Dana affords us an opportunity to cultivate a generous, open heart and honors the relationship between teacher and student.

We ask that you give generously, depending on your circumstances and offer the following suggestions: $100 for a weekend retreat, $10 for a dharma talk, $20 for a personal interview. If you can give more, please do, as many of our students cannot, and we welcome your participation, regardless of your financial means.

Dana is Dharma Treasure’s sole source of income at retreats held at locations other than The Tucson Meditation Center(TCMC). The Retreat Fee, as opposed to your Dana offering, covers the cost of room and board.

Our arrangement for programs held at TCMC is as follows:

  • Non-Residential Retreats- Dana is not requested. Dharma Treasure receives 60% of retreat fees and TCMC receives 40%.
  • Thursday evening sanghas-Dana is requested. Dharma Treasure receives the first $25 to defray Culadasa’s transportation expenses. The balance of Dana is shared, with 60% to Dharma Treasure and 40% to TCMC.

Thank you for your generous support. Your dana is tax deductible.

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