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Insight and Meditation (e) Saturday Afternoon Post-Break

This post is part of a series of recordings made at a teaching retreat entitled “Insight and Meditation”,  taught by Upasaka Culadasa at the Tucson Community Meditation Center in Arizona, October 19-21, 2012.

The following materials are also available: handout 1, handout 2, handout 3, slides, flyer.

This post allows streaming audio. If you don’t plan to stream, but just want to download the recordings, all them are available in one place here.

The Pali word is Vipassana, which can also be translated as “special seeing” or “seeing the essence.” The Insight we are referring to is “Supramundane” Insight into the true nature of reality, not just ordinary insight. Insight into things as they really are leads to true wisdom, then suffering ends and happiness follows. This is the ultimate goal of meditation.

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