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Lecture at the University of West (Aug, 2009)

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  1. Matthew says:

    “Threshold of Awakening ”
    In this lecture at the University of the West, Culadasa discusses what happens leading up to the awakening experience. Much of the discussion is about Stream Entry and whether it is a dramatic moment or if it can be a gradual, even unnoticed transformation. “Once Returner” and “Non-Retruner” are also discussed as well as the fetters that are overcome at each stage. There is some discussion about the type of “reprogramming” of the mind that happens with each level of attainment and insight and the type of corresponding behavioral changes that demarcate the authenticity of this transformation. Last, the benefit of Buddhist meditation, as Culadasa states, is the systematic training of the mind that allows you to consistently attain these profound insight experiences and thereby radically alter one’s being. (Pali Terms discussed Maga-Phala).

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