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Flow in Meditation: The Jhanas – A Teaching Retreat March 28-30, 2014













(This retreat has been cancelled.)



Flow in Meditation: The Jhanas
“There is no jhána without wisdom, there is no wisdom without jhána, but for someone with both jhána and wisdom, Nibbána is near.”   –Buddha, Dhammapada 372

When the Buddha talked of meditation, he most often spoke of the deep meditative absorption called Jhana. What is Jhana, and why is it so important?

Jhana in Pali became Dhyana when translated into Sanskrit; it became Chan when Buddhism entered China, then it became Zen when Buddhism reached Japan.

There is a profound relationship between Jhana practice, Mindfulness, and the cultivation of Insight. We will discuss how Jhana practice relates to the goal of achieving Insight and Awakening. Through a series of guided meditations, participants will have an opportunity to learn about and experience Jhana first hand.

The weekend is expected to consist of approximately equal parts meditation and discussion.

Written Materials:

The Jhanas & Mindfulness Handout by Upasaka Culadasa(PDF)

Instructions for Entering Jhanas Handout by Leigh Brasington (PDF)

Please visit the Tucson Community Meditation Center (TCMC) website for contact and registration information. Click here.


One thought on “Flow in Meditation: The Jhanas – A Teaching Retreat March 28-30, 2014”

  1. elizabeath enfield says:

    dear culadasa:
    don’t know if i’ll make it out there…but discovered Ayya Khema who was a holocoaust survivor and later started her own meditation and instruction of buddhism in Buddhism in califronia. Her partner was leigh Brasington, as i’ve read, and when she passed, he is carrying on…so it was good to see you are giving out a handout written by him….
    thank you thank you thank you
    namaste elizabeth enfield

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