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Personal Messages from Retreatants

I leave here with an expanded heart, clearer mind, and a way to practice toward tranquility & equanimity. THANK YOU…

It has been an honor to be here, walk here, and behold this powerful and sacred land. This retreat center is a GIFT!

Until we meet again, with LOVE overflowing to you,



We, the unwilling,
Led by the unqualified
Have been doing the unbelievable
For so long with so little,
We now attempt the impossible
With nothing…

How’s that for courage and perseverance?

13,000 thanks for the retreat here.

Namo Tassa, Terry

I am eternally grateful for your guidance and teaching and encouragement. You will always be in my heart.

Love, Shelly

Thank you for the help with meditation.  I found it very helpful & will keep in touch with you re: my progress…


Thank you for the most precious retreat. I got exactly what I needed which is priceless. You are the musical instruments of happiness…


Gratitude overwhelms me when I think of all the minds, hands, time and treasure (both material and spiritual) that made this place so beautiful and healing. Well Done…

Love, Fay

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