Culadasa will be starting a new Teacher Training Course in February 2019 – Deadline to Apply Jan. 11th

We are no longer accepting applications for this course. We estimate that the next teacher training will be in the Fall of 2019 or Winter of 2020. Culadasa will be starting a new Teacher Training Course on February 9th, 2019, which will run approximately two years. It will meet online every other Saturday at 10:00 AM Arizona time, with additional small group meetings on the weeks in between (times TBD). Arizona does not observe daylight savings time, so from November through March the course will be at 10:00 AM Mountain time, and from March through November it will be at 10:00 am Pacific time.

Prerequisites and Background
The Dedicated Practitioner Course (DPC) is now one of the prerequisites for the Teacher Training (TT) Course.  The next DPC will start in the Fall of 2019. Due to the fact that we have only offered one DPC so far, and we don’t have enough students to completely fill out the teacher training course, we are accepting additional applications for this teacher training class. We expect there to be about 6-8 available spots.  As we complete more DPCs in the future, it will be exceedingly rare to accept students into the TT course that have not completed the DPC.

To be accepted into the Teacher Training program without the DPC prerequisite, a student would need a strong meditation, retreat, and study background; extensive TMI practice experience; and a strong knowledge of the first six stages of meditative development in The Mind Illuminated. A student who has not completed the DPC would be required to study and review all DPC course materials over the first 4 months of the TT course. In addition to the above requirements, completing a rigorous teacher training program in another tradition would also be a plus.

What to expect

  • The core teacher training class meets online with Culadasa every other week and centers on your ongoing reading of The Mind Illuminated.  Using a Q&A format, it aims to clarify and deepen your understanding of TMI, with an eye towards effectively conveying its teachings to others.
  • A teacher training graduate will act as a teaching assistant for the class, joining in on discussions and occasionally facilitating classes.
  • TMI readings will be supplemented with other relevant materials, including information on the process of teaching itself.
  • At the end of each unit, there will be short online assessments to help consolidate knowledge while giving facilitators feedback on how student learning is progressing.
  • On weeks in which the core class does not convene, students meet online with a pre-assigned small group of peers to practice teaching, guiding meditations, and coaching meditation practice.  The small groups will be facilitated by either teacher training graduates or teachers in training near the end of their training process.

Expectations of a student

  • Be willing and able to attend two years of interactive online video classes, meeting approximately every two weeks.  Classes will be scheduled around Culadasa and the group’s combined availability, to the extent possible. Each class will be two hours in length. You will need an internet connection, web cam, and an email account.
  • Commit to not missing more than one class in a row, and not more than two in any 6-month period.
  • Have a strong desire to teach meditation in the style of The Mind Illuminated
  • During the course duration, teach meditation in some form using Culadasa’s method as a primary source.  This could be in someone’s home, online, at a meditation or yoga center, at work, etc.
  • Have a personal regular TMI meditation practice during the course duration of at least 60 minutes per day, and preferably 90-120 minutes.
  • Regularly and actively participate in the online video classes
  • Meet online with a small group of peers to practice teaching meditation, with a commitment to not miss more than one small group meeting in a row, and not more than two in any 6-month period.

In advance of each online class (5-8 hours total between classes)

  • Complete assigned readings
  • Complete assigned assessment questions and written work
  • Complete small group assignments and be prepared to implement them in the small group sessions
  • Submit several of your own questions on the reading material and from your current teaching experiences
  • Be prepared to discuss as a group

Cost for the course
Tuition for the 24 month program is offered on a sliding scale. Paying $2800 makes one a benefactor who helps others attend. Paying $2500 is the actual cost of the program, and $2200 is the scholarship level. This will fully compensate the teachers of the class, but you will also have the opportunity to offer Dana (donations) to your small group mentor. Limited partial scholarships are available to allow some to pay below the $2200 level. Please mention that you need a scholarship when you apply, and once you are accepted to the teacher training course, contact us for a scholarship application form.

Required Text
The Mind Illuminated, by Culadasa, Immergut, and Graves

Meet once approximately every two weeks for two years, with small group meetings on the weeks in between.

Successful students will be listed as an “authorized” teacher on the Dharma Treasure website once they successfully complete the course.

Please fill out the application form by January 11th at 11:00 PM Arizona time. We will evaluate the applications and notify you whether or not you were accepted no later than January 27th, 2019. For questions about the program, please contact Blake at


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