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The Cook Shack - by D Immergut
The Cook Shack – by D Immergut
Communal Outdoor Dining
Communal Outdoor Dining
Cook Shack Interior
Cook Shack Interior

All solo retreats are self-catered. Retreatants bring food with them when they arrive.  Advance planning on your part will help meal preparations go smoothly.  When meal planning, keep in mind that cooking simple meals is an important part of retreat practice which gives you more time and space for formal meditation.

There are many grocery options in Tucson.  Coming from the West (Tucson direction) the nearest large supermarket is Safeway in Benson, AZ.  Coming from the East (New Mexico direction) the nearest large market is Safeway in Willcox, AZ.  There is also a small local market in Cochise called Produce Wagon which is the closest market to Cochise Stronghold Retreat.

If you have arranged a ride though us from Tucson to the Stronghold, your driver will be able to take you to a market on your way in to start off your retreat.

Once a week, retreatants can provide funds and lists for their groceries to be purchased locally or in Tucson.

Those who stay in the Casita Manzanita have their own full kitchen. Those staying in the Agave Suite have a kitchenette and so may use either the Agave Suite kitchen or the Cook Shack.  Everyone staying in the Dharmatory Yurt, a trailer, or camping, has access to the Cook Shack.

The Cook Shack is a fully equipped kitchen which also has general supplies like spices and oils.  There is refrigerator/freezer and dry storage space for your groceries.

Those who use the Cook Shack are asked be mindful and maintain noble silence, respecting other meditators who may share the space. Cleaning up after yourself is essential. Users show consideration for others by being even neater than “normal” when using community spaces.

For times when the Cook Shack is being shared, it is possible to create a meal schedule if you are strictly trying to avoid seeing others in your retreat.

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