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A Meditator’s Practice Guide to the Mind Illuminated


A Meditator’s Practice Guide to The Mind Illuminated is a beautifully designed companion to TMI. It is full of color illustrations demonstrating important concepts and is printed with a special lay-flat binding that makes it more convenient for use on the cushion. Meditators can quickly consult practice instructions from the stage they are currently working on.

We would like to offer the Practice Guide as a gift to supporters making single contributions of $60 or more to Dharma Treasure and ongoing monthly contributions of $10 or more. We are also offering copies of the book to our supporters on Patreon. This is a website where supporters can pledge a monthly donation to support culadasa’s work. Please consider becoming a Patron and pledging $10 or more a month, and we will send you the book as a gift.

To donate $60 or more or $10 monthly directly to Dharma Treasure, please click here.

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After you’ve made your donation, please feel free to contact us at director@dharmatreasure.orgĀ to receive a copy of the Practice Guide. We can send physical copies anywhere within the US and digital copies anywhere around the world. Be sure to include your mailing address if you want a physical copy of the book. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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