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Stronghold: 3 Jan 2010

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  1. Matthew says:

    Questions and Answer
    The first question in this Q&A session is about personal and collective purification, and whether we can see the current crises we face as part of this purification process. Culadasa answers this question by discussing the role of keeping the virtues (patience, loving kindness, etc) as well as the possibility that such virtues can transform both personal and collective life and bring us back from our own destruction. Other interesting reflections include a discussion on biological and cultural evolution of humans, the environmental crisis and the way in which the role of the self contributes to individual and collective problems.

    The second question is about how to incorporate practice into everyday life. Culadasa explains that we must understand the purpose of practice. Rather than merely stress relief or some other psychological benefit, practice is an effort to understand the nature of the mind. With this understanding, we can practice looking at the mind throughout the day.
    The third question is raised by someone having a specific meditation problem. This person has been practicing with the breath for a number of years, but still feels frustrated that her attention is not 100% on the breath. She doesn’t tend to loose the breath completely, but some other object takes up most of her attention (80% other object, 20% on breath.). What should she do in this situation?

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