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Stronghold August 15 – Rites & Rituals

One thought on “Stronghold August 15 – Rites & Rituals”

  1. izak bouwer says:

    Very interesting discussion, though I find myself on the side of Nancy and Allegra that there is more than ‘feeling good’ to the practices of chanting and performing rites and ritual — at least prior to stream entry (path of seeing), as one is then still firmly in the clutches of a dualistic frame of mind and can do with any support towards becoming more spiritually oriented. I personally am happy and blessed to know “tat tvam asi”, “om mani peme hung,” and “nam myo ho renge kyo”! But, as Culadasa indicates, they are essentially props, discardable at stream entry, just like throwing away the raft after having crossed to the other shore, or like Hui-Neng tearing up the sutras. Clinging to them would be a fetter. They could of course also be mis-used entirely — as Leonard Cohen sings:”the killers in high places say their prayers aloud” — Izak

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