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Stronghold October 24

Sunday 10/24/2010

One thought on “Stronghold October 24”

  1. izak bouwer says:

    Dina and I – from Ottawa, Canada — were privileged to be present at this talk, which we found most enlightening, thank you, Culadasa!
    We should just give a clarification of Dina’s question about the
    “two purposes of self and others.” This phrase actually occurs, not in a version of the Heart Sutra, as Dina said, but in the Namcho “Dedication Prayers” that would follow a reading of the Heart Sutra. (The Namcho – “space treasure” – is a terma, or ‘revealed treasure’, in the Nyingma Palyul tradition of Tibet, which is the tradition we have been following). The quote is:
    “May all sentient beings be blissful and happy. May they
    practice the Dharma through the day and night. May the two purposes, of self and others, be spontaneously accomplished.” —
    Thanks again for a truly enriching teaching! — Izak Bouwer

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