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Guided Meditations

Following is a guided meditation (corresponding to the “First Interlude,  Conscious Experience and the Objectives of Meditation”) from the book.

Click here for the Attention and Awareness guided meditation with Culadasa

Click here for the Stillpoint guided meditation with Culadasa

Gift Certification for a Meditation Retreat

Please click on the link below for your $50.00  Gift Certificate towards a meditation retreat (group or personal) at Cochise Stronghold, A Canyon Nature Retreat.   This gift certificate can be used for you or as a gift to anyone of your choice.

For more information on Meditation Retreats, see the Offerings tab for information on either upcoming Group retreats and for Personal Retreat at the Stronghold.   To redeem your gift certificate when booking a meditation retreat at Cochise Stronghold, A Canyon Nature Retreat  – please use “The Mind Illuminated” as your code word.


Vegetarian Menus & Recipes

Enjoy the following Menus for a Vegetarian or Vegan Dinner Party.  These are menus from group retreats held at the Cochise Stronghold Retreat center.

Dinner Party for 10

Of Special Interest

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