Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed for Service – Help us spread the Dharma

1. Transcription – Taking Culadasa’s verbal teaching and putting them in a document, verbatim, so people can then read and download them online. Please see our Transcription Project.

2. Create Podcasts – Listening to the verbal Q&A teachings in MP3 format and determining where they should be cut to make a short, 10-15 minute stand alone teaching. These shorter teachings will then be uploaded to the internet where they can be more easily accessed by question. There’s more information here.

3.Graphic Design – Help to design the overlook of a website for Culadasa and any printed materials.

4.Web master – Someone to help build Culadasa’s website using WordPress (blog) and either maintain it or train someone else to take it over.

5.Web savvy persons – Someone to upload podcasts to i-tunes, youtube, and chapters from Culadasa’s writing, book and yahoo “jhana insight” discussion group

6.Office assistant – someone with to help organize outlook, assist with facebook and other various office tasks.

Any help of any kind is greatly appreciated and needed. Please contact us if you want to help in any way.

nyates@vtc.net, 520.826-4141 or 826-1421, Nancy

Of Special Interest

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