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2-Day Non-residential retreat in January, 2010

Light on Meditation

A tranquil mind is within your reach

This 2 Day retreat will focus on Buddhist Meditation Practices.  Techniques and the relevance of knowledge from the wisdom traditions will be taught by a deeply experienced instructor.   The retreat includes meditation instruction, Q &A, group discussion, guided meditation, and individual sitting & walking meditation practice.

What Is Enlightenment and Why Should I Care?

We all know that the original purpose of the Eastern meditation traditions is to bring us to a completely new way of being, known as Enlightenment, Awakening, or Liberation.

But exactly what this means is not so obvious. Nor is it clear how this relates to us, living as we do in a 21st century technological society confronted with problems that were unheard of even a generation ago.

This weekend teaching will first put the methods of meditation practice and their immediate benefits into a larger perspective. Then we will look beyond them to examine this ultimate goal, a goal that often seems hidden somewhere beyond the immediate horizon. We will see how the Buddha defined Awakening, and how being an Awakened being manifested both in his own life and in the lives of others who have followed this Path to its end.

The purpose of this weekend will be to explore the relevance of this 2500 year old Path to Awakening to ourselves, the practical attainability of its goals, and to come to an understanding of how meditation, the concentration, awareness, mindfulness, and Insight that we have been cultivating as a part of our daily practices are woven together to make up this Path.

Upasaka Culadasa
Upasaka Culadasa

Jan -23 & 24 (Sat & Sun) at the Tucson Community Meditation Center – 1231 E. Edison St, Tucson

All are welcome, beginners to dedicated practitioners.

Suggested Donation: $ 40-75.     No one turned away due to inability to pay, work scholarships available, please contact registrar for details. Early registration recommended.

Learn to Meditate with a Master

Upasaka Culadasa is ordained as a dedicated lay-practitioner. He has been practicing Buddhist meditation for 35 years and is the Director of Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sangha. His intensive training in and integration of both Theravadin and Tibetan traditions provides students with a rich and rare opportunity for rapid progress and deep insight.  As a Ph.D. he taught neuro-sciences until 1996 when he left to lead a contemplative life.  He is now devoted to helping students master meditation skills.

For more information

Email or call:  Nancy Yates, NYATES@VTC.NET     520.826-4141 or 826-1421

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