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Getting to Cochise Stronghold


We are 90 miles southeast of Tucson.

Many people choose to drive to Cochise Stronghold in their own vehicle or to rent a car in Tucson. Directions for reaching the Stronghold are a must if you’re driving yourself, and can be found by clicking here.

While it is an enormous help for us if meditators can drive themselves, we do offer round-trip transportation between Tucson and Cochise Stronghold for $300. However, we can only provide this service on certain days. Guests finishing a retreat can arrange to be dropped off in Tucson on Tuesday or Friday mornings and guests beginning a retreat can arrange to be picked up in Tucson on Tuesday or Friday afternoons.

Please note that renting a car at the Tucson (or Phoenix) airport can be surprisingly inexpensive compared to other cities. Renting your own vehicle can sometimes turn out to be less expensive than paying for transportation in and out of the Stronghold.

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to the Stronghold from Tucson. There is, however, Amtrak service from Tucson to Benson, and Greyhound service from Tucson to both Benson and Willcox, AZ. Both Benson and Willcox are only about 45 minutes from the Stronghold, so are a great savings in driving time and cost (as well as the ecological savings from less private automobile driving).


The address of Cochise Stronghold is 2126 W. Windancer Trail.

You may choose to plug the address into a GPS or to print out directions from a service like Google Maps. But we highly recommend also referring to the following directions. People have been known to get lost when using a GPS to drive to the Stronghold.

Please bear in mind that for the last 20 minutes of the drive, the roads are very primitive. They are also unlit. After the sun goes down, it can be difficult to find your way. We always encourage our guests to arrive before dark.


Directions from the west (from Tucson):

We are 90 miles southeast of Tucson, the last 3 miles are unpaved Forest Service road. It should take ~90 minutes to get here from downtown Tucson.

Take I-10 east to exit 318 at Texas Canyon. Follow this road (Dragoon Rd) through the town of Dragoon towards Hwy 191. Before you reach Hwy 191 and ~11 miles from I-10, look for an intersection with Cochise Stronghold Road. Turn right (south) onto Cochise Stronghold Road and follow it until you reach a stop sign at Ironwood Road (~6 miles). Turn right onto Ironwood Rd. You will be now driving west on Ironwood Rd towards the Dragoon Mountains.


Directions from the east (WILLCOX):

Take I-10 west to Exit 331, at Exit 331 take Hwy 191 South towards Sunsites/ Pearce, ~18 miles.

Just north of Sunsites/Pearce, turn right onto Ironwood Rd, which is marked with a brown Forest Service sign as the road to Cochise Stronghold. There is a bright yellow gas station, Tumbleweed Corner, at the corner. Drive west on Ironwood towards the Dragoon Mountains (8 miles).

Ironwood Rd becomes Forest Service Rd #84 after the pavement ends and as you enter the Coronado National Forest. As you pass the USFS Ranger Station, a stone house on the left, the road makes a strong S-curve and crosses the wash two times. You will notice a few private residences after you pass the Ranger Station. On the right hand side is an adobe house called Canyon Houset;. Our driveway is about 150 feet past Canyon House on the left hand side. We are the second of two driveways on the left, marked by a county street sign as W Windancer Trl. Our address is 2126 W Windancer Trl. Follow the directional signs marked B&B (0.1 mile). We are the furthest south reach of this driveway. Please do not disturb our neighbors.

*Note, our driveway is 1/4 mile before the campground at the end of the road, so please don’t become concerned about having gone too far or having missed a turn unless you find yourself at the Forest Service campground. At the Cochise Stronghold Campground, turn around and go back 1/4 mile and take the first right at W Windancer Trl.

Follow the signs to the B and B. Continuing up the driveway you will see two yurts. The meditation yurt is the farther one with the raised porch.


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