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Personal Meditation Retreats at Cochise Stronghold


We are now accepting applications for personal meditation retreats for all of 2018, except the month of July, when Cochise Stronghold will be closed. Please read on for more details.


Set in the wild beauty of a mountain canyon in Southeastern Arizona, Cochise Stronghold Retreat offers a contemplative, natural environment for personal meditation retreats. Upasaka Culadasa and his advanced students are available for support and meditation instructions. While Buddhist meditation forms the backbone of our practice, we embrace all spiritual traditions, as well as secular practice. Meditators from every tradition, or from none, are welcome.


For the first half of 2018, Culadasa will be on sabbatical to focus on his health and on writing his next book.

Meditators coming on personal retreat at Cochise Stronghold will still meet periodically with Culadasa, but should not expect to meet with him more than once or twice a week. At certain times, Culadasa will be staying in Tucson where the lower altitude is easier on his lungs and where he can attend medical appointments.

Our new Resident Teacher Program has been created to ensure that an experienced teacher trained by Culadasa will be onsite at all times. This person will be available to provide additional support to everyone on personal meditation retreat.

Retreat Information


Meditator3Retreat Location

Cochise Stronghold Retreat Center is located on 5+ secluded acres, high in the historic Cochise Stronghold Canyon of southeastern Arizona’s Dragoon Mountains. Coronado National Forest trails are easily accessed from the property.

Click here for a map and directions.

Retreat Duration

Solo retreats are required to be a minimum of seven days.  The quiet here is conducive to retreats of multiple weeks or even months. Preference is given to people staying for longer retreats; we recommend a stay of at least ten days.


Upon arrival at Cochise Stronghold Retreat, you will be welcomed, shown to your accommodations and given a short tour of the property. Then you can settle in and store your food and belongings.

If you are doing your retreat under Culadasa’s guidance, you will have your first meeting with him either on the day of your arrival or the following day, depending on schedules.


As a solo retreatant, you will establish a daily schedule that meets your needs and respects the needs of other retreatants. Schedules normally include time for sitting and walking meditation practice, rest, exercise, meal preparation, meditation interviews, work service to the land and community, and personal time.

While your schedule is your own creation, we ask that as a retreatant you have a minimum of five hours of dedicated practice time (formal mediation and walking meditation) per day.

Click here for a sample of a daily personal retreat schedule.


There are a number of lodging accommodation options, including a private stay in a modern eco-house unit, a semi-private / semi-shared space in our “Dharmatory” Yurt, and trailer and tent camping. To find out more visit our Lodging page.

Retreat Fees and Teacher Compensation

Retreat fees cover your lodging (not meals, which are self-catered) and help defray the expenses of the center, while making the retreat experience as accessible as possible to all who sincerely wish to practice.

Read more about Retreat Costs.


All retreatants at Cochise Stronghold observe noble silence during retreat. The community is well-versed in supporting retreatants in their practice of silence.

Practice Guidelines and Precepts

Retreatants are asked to abide by a set of intentional living practices while there are here in retreat. Read more about the Expectations for Practitioners.


We love answering any questions you may have and we find that the telephone is often the most expedient way to get your questions answered in an easy and clear manner.   Click here for our contact info.

Booking Your Retreat

There are a few easy steps to book your retreat.  We hope that you will have a wonderful experience wherever you decide to practice.

Click here for our Retreat Booking page.

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