Teachings offered by Upasaka Culadasa

Audio Teachings

Dharma Treasure Facilitators

Blake Barton
Shelly Hubman
Matthew Immergut
René Miranda
Tucker Peck

Click one of the above names to generate a list of recordings of that Dharma Treasure Facilitor.


Full Dharma Treasure/Culadsa Audio Archive

Here’s where you can access the archives containing all of Dharma Treasure’s dharma talks. Most talks are by Upsasaka Culadasa.  There are also some by the Dharma Treasure Facilitators, who have studied with Culadasa.

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Every Recording

Click above to generate a list of every recording ever made with the most recent recordings listed first. (You can subscribe to this list as podcasts by clicking on the icon: Podcast)

Intensive Meditation Retreats

Talks and discussions given at intensive meditation retreats.

Uposatha Day at the Stronghold

Click above to generate a list of the most current oral teachings from Culadasa, given at his home, including talks given during his recent health sabbatical. Regular Sunday morning discussions at the Cochise Stronghold Retreat Center.

Recorded at TCMC

Click above to generate a list of the recordings made at the Tucson Community Meditation Center (TCMC) in Arizona. Often these are often in two parts – a half hour pre-meditation open discussion, and then an hour talk after the meditation.

Dharma Treasure Curriculum

(Please note: This series ended in December 2013; choose another link to access more recent recordings.) Click above to generate a list recordings that are part of the Dharma Treasure Curriculum.  Designed by Culadasa and other Dharma Treasure teachers, these teachings began on March 15, 2012 and ended in December 2013. They are a subset of the TCMC recordings.

Teaching Retreats
Teaching Retreats (single page option)

Click above to generate a list of recordings made at teaching retreats. These retreats are usually held at TCMC over a weekend. A particular Dharma topic is explored deeply, with several talks given each day. You may prefer to access theses recordings on a single page where they are all listed together.

Q & A

A special collection of short excerpts, some audio and some text, from all sources.

Guided Meditations

A list of all the posts from various events that include a guided meditation. Podcast

Of Special Interest

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