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Booking a Personal Retreat

We are now booking retreats for 2018.  We will be closed for the month of July.


There are a few easy steps to book your retreat. Email (upasaka.culadasa@gmail.com) or call us (520-826-4141) to let us know what kind of retreat you are interested in and to check on the availability of your dates. If we have never met you before or are we are unfamiliar with your meditation experience, you will be asked to fill out and return a short survey that helps us to get to know you better.

Click here for the ‘First-Time Retreating with Dharma Treasure’ Form

You will also be asked to read a document on Personal Safety in a Wilderness Area, fill out your emergency contact information, and return via email or bring with you a signed form stating that you understand that there are risks involved with undertaking a personal retreat.

Click here for the Wilderness Safety, Emergency Contact, and Personal Responsibilty Form

Because we try to keep the costs for retreatants as low as possible, we typically ask for a non-refundable deposit of 100% to reserve your retreat dates.

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