Healthy Forest Work Party Weekends



Please join us for one or both of these events:
February 28 – March 2

April 4 – 6
(Both weekends include Friday & Saturday nights & Sunday meditation)

•    The forest in Cochise Stronghold Canyon is very precious but unhealthy.  Fire suppression for centuries has led to dangerous, dense understory with crowded stands of small trees.

•    Fires in the west are increasing in frequency and intensity.  Help protect this precious jewel through the practice of mindful forest management.

•    Cochise Stronghold Retreat Center is the home of Dharma Treasure and a tremendous diversity of wildlife.

•    In addition to orchestrated work teams, there will be FUN activities and delicious food!

•    Your overnights are free!

•    Participate in the Sunday meditation and Culadasa’s Dharma talk.

There is limited overnight space so please sign up now by contacting:
Pam Ballingham

Enjoy your sangha and celebrate the forest

Schedule and details for both weekends:

•    Arrive in early evening and enjoy a delicious hot soup!
•    Dinner with music
•    Group fun and games

•    Early morning trip to view the Sand hill Cranes (a short distance away)
•    Breakfast and orientation to the Healthy Forest Project
•    Morning forest blessing and daylong work parties
•    Lunch and dinner ’round the campfire
•    Evening activities:  hot tub/stargazing/meditation/poetry

•    10:00 a.m. meditation and Dharma talk with Culadasa
•    Leftover lunch and departure

Healthy Forest work is rough work!
It is imperative that you come prepared!
What to bring:
•    Boots and heavy socks (no sandals)
•    Sturdy work gloves
•    Tough old long sleeved shirt(s)
•    Heavy long pants (no shorts or cutoffs)!  Denim is best.
•    Hint:  Fleece is not advised.  It attracts hard-to-remove seeds and stickers!!!
•    Warm, protective hat
•    Protective eye gear is highly recommended
•    Rake(s)
•    Warm clothing for early morning Crane watching and evening star gazing
•    Hint:  temperatures could be very cold
•    Alarm clock
•    Towel/washcloth/toiletries, etc.

•    Friday night – hot soup when you arrive
•    Breakfast and lunch Saturday will be provided
•    Saturday night potluck.  Bring what will appeal to you after a good day’s work
•    Sunday leftovers for lunch


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