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December 13, 2019

Dear Dharma Treasure Community,

The Dharma Treasure Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election of six new board members, who will be joining the organization this month:

Daniel Choi – Daniel has participated in the Teacher Training program as a member of the Passadhi cohort. He comes to us from New Jersey, where he is a lecturer in the writing program at Princeton University. His interest and experience lie in educational program development and strategy as well as building strong community partnerships. He is a TMI meditator and has also taken precepts in a Korean Zen order.

Dmitriy Yepishin – For the past two years, Dmitriy has been the president of Inner Way LA, a community Spiritual Center on the westside of Los Angeles. He has extensive experience serving on both nonprofit and corporate boards. His practice background includes TMI, Mahasi style Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhist, and somatic practices – most especially authentic movement. He also spent three years in Orthodox Jewish Seminary in his youth.

Greg Smith – Greg hails from Kansas and is an alumnus of the Dedicated Practitioners Course. He is a professor of psychology at Newman University and has extensive experience working collaboratively on strategic planning, assessment, and educational program development. He founded and was president of the Wichita Karma Thegsum Chöling (KTC) under the auspices of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche and currently continues working with the center as an educational consultant. His practice background includes TMI, Vajrayana, and Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness approach.

Henrik Norberg – Henrik has been a member of the Vulture Peak Teacher Training cohort for the past three years. His practice background includes TMI, Japanese Tendai tradition, and the Theravada Thai Forest tradition. He has done extended retreats at Cochise Stronghold and has also served as a resident teacher there. As a software architect managing large teams, he brings extensive experience in program and project management, and his interests include fostering collaborative community development and participation.

Paulin Elley – Paulin has been a member of the Bodhgaya Teacher Training cohort for the past three years. He has spent considerable time at the retreat center in Cochise Stronghold and has made significant contributions to the community through his work upgrading Dharma Treasure’s online presence, archiving audio recordings and documents, and researching various themes in the Pali canon. In addition to TMI, his background also includes the Theravada tradition.

Salina Diiorio – Salina has been participating in the Teacher Training program as a member of the Bodhgaya cohort for the past three years. As a former management consultant specializing in organization development, strategic planning, and performance management she has helped nonprofit, government, and corporate clients define and meet their strategic goals. Her practice background includes TMI, the Theravada Thai Forest tradition, and Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness approach.

Salina has also recently taken over the Interim Executive Director role from Blake Barton. Originally from the East Coast, she has relocated to Cochise Stronghold and is now the second staff member in residence at the retreat center.

Three of the current Board members – Blake Barton, Matthew Immergut, and Eve Smith – will continue in their roles temporarily in order to help orient the new members and ensure a smooth transition.

We bid farewell to Nancy Yates, who has resigned from the Board as of Dec. 5th. Nancy has dedicated decades of her life to building, supporting, and maintaining this organization and the Dharma Treasure Retreat Center. Thank you, Nancy, for your service and contributions. You will be missed!

We must also say goodbye to Jeremy Graves, who has resigned as of Dec. 10th. Jeremy has helped support and provide direction for the organization as a Board member for the past two years, and has been instrumental in the success of the Dedicated Practitioners Course. We look forward to collaborating with him on future educational projects.

Diversity Goals: A Gender-Balanced Board 

Dharma Treasure is committed to having a Board of Directors that reflects the diversity within the larger Sangha. To that end, we have retained several seats on the Board that will be reserved for female candidates. In this round of recruitment, we had only one woman out of twelve applicants come forward, who later had to withdraw for personal reasons. Our targeted recruitment efforts will continue into the new year. If you or anyone you know may be interested in serving, please email


The Dharma Treasure Board of Directors

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