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Personal Retreat – Getting Here

We are 90 miles SE of Tucson. Directions for reaching Cochise Stronghold Retreat Center are a must if you’re coming in your own vehicle, and can be found by clicking here.

The Tucson airport is the closest airport at approximately 1.5 hours away for those flying in.  The next closest is the Phoenix airport at approximately 3 hours away. We can usually coordinate a ride for you with a local person to and from the Tucson airport to the Stronghold. In order to cover the time and fuel costs of the 3 hour round-trip drive from the Tucson airport, we suggest $100 for each direction that you need a ride. Your driver will usually be amiable to stopping at a grocery store on your way in for you to stock up on supplies for your retreat.  We don’t usually coordinate rides from Phoenix, due to the distance.

If you are looking to arrange a ride rather than renting a car, give us a call before booking your flight and we can see if there are already any scheduled trips to and from Tucson that you could rideshare with.

Renting a car at the Tucson (or Phoenix) airport can be suprisingly inexpensive compared to other cities.  Renting your own vehicle can sometimes turn out to be less expensive than paying for a ride in and out of the Stronghold.

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to the Stronghold from Tucson.  There is, however, Amtrak service from Tucson to Benson, and Greyhound service from Tucson to both Benson and Willcox, AZ.  Both Benson and Willcox are only about 45 minutes from the Stronghold, so are a great savings in driving time and cost, and there is an ecological savings from less private automobile driving.

If you do need to fly into Phoenix for some reason, there is a shuttle service from Phoenix to Tucson, which would then put you in range of the rest of the options for getting transportation to the Stronghold.  Click here to go to the Phoenix-Tucson shuttle service website.


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