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Personal Retreat – Getting Here

We are 90 miles southeast of Tucson.

Many people choose to drive to Cochise Stronghold in their own vehicle or to rent a car in Tucson. Directions for reaching the Stronghold are a must if you’re driving yourself, and can be found by clicking here.

While it is an enormous help for us if meditators can drive themselves, we do offer round-trip transportation between Tucson and Cochise Stronghold for $300. However, we can only provide this service on certain days. Guests finishing a retreat can arrange to be dropped off in Tucson on Tuesday or Friday mornings and guests beginning a retreat can arrange to be picked up in Tucson on Tuesday or Friday afternoons.

Please note that renting a car at the Tucson (or Phoenix) airport can be surprisingly inexpensive compared to other cities.  Renting your own vehicle can sometimes turn out to be less expensive than paying for transportation in and out of the Stronghold.

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to the Stronghold from Tucson.  There is, however, Amtrak service from Tucson to Benson, and Greyhound service from Tucson to both Benson and Willcox, AZ.  Both Benson and Willcox are only about 45 minutes from the Stronghold, so are a great savings in driving time and cost, as well as the ecological savings from less private automobile driving.


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