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Retreat Costs

Retreat fees cover your lodging while making the retreat experience as accessible as possible.

Fees do not include your meals (which are self-catered) or compensation for meditation teachers’ time providing guidance.

Currently the minimum retreat length is 3 nights. Preference is given to people staying for longer retreats; we recommend a stay of at least seven to ten days.

—————————- —————————— ——————- ——————————–
Agave Suite
—————————- —————————— ——————- ——————————–
One bedroom suite


Full bath

Single occupancy $130.00
Double occupancy $150.00
—————————- —————————— ——————- ——————————–
Casita Manzanita
—————————- —————————— ——————- ——————————–
Two bedrooms, sitting area, full kitchen & full bath Single occupancy $150.00
Double occupancy $75.00 each $150.00 total
—————————- —————————— ——————- ——————————–
Dharmatory Yurt
—————————- —————————— ——————- ——————————–
Shared occupancy 4  fully partitioned  bedrooms, sitting area per person $65.00
—————————- —————————– ——————- ——————————–

For retreats of 30 days or longer, we offer a 10% discount.

Dharmatory Yurt:

Dharmatory Yurt
“Dharmatory” Yurt Exterior
Yurt Sleeping space
“Dharmatory” Sleeping space

The “Dharmatory” Yurt is a shared accommodation (although you might have it all to yourself),  very near the dedicated meditation yurt. Yurts are a traditional Mongolian structure, now  modernized by companies such as Pacific Yurts of Oregon (which is the brand of yurt we happen to have).

Yurt dwellers have access to the Cook Shack which has a full kitchen and a bathroom with shower.

The Yurt is very comfortable, with electricity, heating and cooling,  a sink with hot and cold water, microwave, tea kettle and a coffee maker.

Agave Suite:

Agave Suite Door
Agave Suite Entrance
Agave Suite
Agave Suite

The Agave Suite is a private unit in our modern eco-house. It has a king-size bed, sitting area, kitchenette, and a private bath.

The kitchenette has: under-the-counter refrigerator, toaster-oven, coffee maker, tea kettle, microwave oven, electric appliances, conduction hot plate, dishes, cutlery, glassware, full complement of utensils, etc.

Casita Manzanita:

Casita Manzanita montage
Casita Manzanita
Casita Manzanita
Manzanita interior

The Casita Manzanita is also in our modern eco-house. It has a separate entrance, two private bedrooms, one with a queen bed and the other with a twin bed, a private bath, indoor sitting area, terrace with barbecue, and a full kitchen with bar seating.

The kitchen is completely equipped: full-size refrigerator, oven and range, microwave oven, dishwasher, toaster-oven, tea kettle, coffee maker, dishes, cutlery, glassware, full complement of utensils, pots and pans, etc.


Fees do not include any compensation for the time the Resident Teachers spend providing meditation guidance. This guidance is offered according to the traditional donation, or dana (Pali for “giving” or a “gift”) system. It is up to you, the retreatant, to decide how much the benefit you receive is worth, and how much you can personally afford to offer. This system is meant to encourage joyous generosity rather than a sterile business transaction. However, many of us are not used to this system, so here are some guidelines for how much to offer:

If you have other experience with highly skilled professionals giving private guidance, and how much they charge, you could think of a comparable hourly rate for how much time you receive during your retreat.

A different guideline is that offerings average about 50% of the retreat fees paid for accommodation.

In either case, those who can’t afford this give less, while those with greater means give more. Dana is usually offered at the end of the retreat.

All dana donations are made directly to the teachers.

Work Service / “Yogi tasks” / Seva

Solo retreatants are requested to donate  about one hour of work service per day while they are in residence.

This service dana is considered part of the actual retreat and may include such tasks as cleaning, gardening, sewing, grounds maintenance or on occasion, cooking prep. Please seek clarity on your service projects before you go into silence. The energy of so many has helped create a magnificent place to practice.

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