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Part 5 – Sit, Breath, Wake Up! October 2013



This post is one of a series made at the retreat, “Sit, Breath, Wake Up!”, taught by Upasaka Culadasa at the Tucson Community Meditation Center in Arizona, October 11-13, 2013.

This particular session was recorded late Saturday afternoon, October 12.

The first recording below is the entire session, including a guided meditation. The second recording is only the guided meditation.


(Note: There are no handouts for this teaching.)

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Sit, Breathe, Wake Up!
Building a Powerful Meditation Practice

How does one succeed in meditation? No matter what style or method of meditation you practice, whether you’re just a beginner or have been practicing for years, if you ever experience agitation, distraction and mind-wandering in your meditation or find yourself getting drowsy and dull, these retreat recordings are for you.

They include a series of guided meditations, through which you can learn specific techniques for overcoming these and other obstacles that stand in the way of becoming an accomplished meditator. Culadasa guides you through a variety of other practices, including Cultivating Joy, Loving Kindness, Finding the Still-point, and Realizing the Witness.

Interspersed among the guided meditations, which have been a popular part of past teaching retreats, are question and answer sessions. These teachings explore what it means to be mindful, both on the cushion and in daily life, and how mindfulness is cultivated.


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  1. Naz says:

    What a joy it truly is to feel like a part of this Sangha via the wonders of technology. I feel like I know all of the people who contribute from hearing the voices on these podcasts. As I sit and listen to the guided meditations I am just flowering in my understanding! Thanks so much Culadasa for sharing your wisdom and kindness with the world 🙂

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