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Teachers in Training

Hello everyone,

I am delighted to introduce you to the Dharma Treasure Authorized Teachers and Teachers-in-Training, who are available to answer your questions about meditation and dharma practice.

These teachers are currently online at the Dharma Treasure on-line community, leading retreats and meditation & dharma offerings in various locations.    Several are currently teaching at Tucson Community Meditation Center (see calendar here).    Two of them are co-authors of the The Mind Illuminated.

Click on a Teacher’s name for more information about activities they are offering.

  • Blake Barton, Tucson, Arizona
  • Michael Dunn, SE Arizona
  • Jesse Fallon, Cape Ann, MA
  • Jaki Fisher,  Singapore & Australia
  • Ivan Ganza, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Josh Geller, Beacon,  NY
  • Anna Geller, Beacon,  NY
  • Jeremy Graves, Los Angeles, CA
  • Nick Grabovac, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Offers several online programs
  • Nick Hay,  San Francisco, CA
  • Shelly Hubman, Tucson, AZ – Online program, “Bridge to Joy: Exploring Mindfulness”
  • Matthew Immergut,  Woodstock, NY
  • Tom Kennedy, Bellbowrie, Australia
  • Jon Krop, Brooklyn, NY
  • Andrea Lemon, Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Ted Lemon, Brattleboro, Vermont
  • Jasen Murray, Oakland, CA
  • JJ Peltier, Paris, France
  • Jessica Seacrest, Tucson, AZ
  • Eve Smith, Brooklyn, NY
  • Jordan Wiley-Hill, Tucson, AZ

This select group has been participating in an on-going program of intensive study. They are all dedicated practitioners. Most have experience in other traditions, and some were already teaching before being invited to join the Dharma Treasure Teacher Training program.

These are experienced meditators who are knowledgeable in the samatha-vipassana (tranquility and insight) method at the core of our Dharma Treasure tradition. You can feel completely confident asking these teachers specific questions about your own meditation practice, as well as general questions about meditation. Many are also knowledgeable in the Dharma, and some are quite accomplished. If one doesn’t feel capable of responding to a particular question, they can call on me and their peers for assistance in helping you.

I invite you to take full advantage of the collective wisdom and experience this dedicated group of people has to offer.

In Joy & Service,


[If you’d like to apply for the next round of the teacher training, the application period is open now and closes on August 20, 2016.  Follow this link for more information.]

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