Teaching Retreat in Tucson, January 20-22

When Buddhadharma came to the West

Jan 20-22 (Friday Evening through Sunday) at the Tucson Community Meditation Center   (registration info below)


When Bodhidharma (3rd from left) brought Buddhism from India to China, a completely new form was born: the Ch’an/Zen tradition. The difference between the modern West and traditional Asia today is even greater than the difference between 5th century China and India. Today we are participating in the birth of an even more novel and exciting form of Buddhism.

The Buddhadharma (“truth of the Awakened one”) is a unique set of teachings formulated by the historical Buddha. The teachings were not presented as religion. Asian cultures incorporated the Dharma into pre-existing religious frameworks. Westerners are incorporating the Dharma into a pre-existing secular and scientific framework.

The Buddha’s teaching stands on three legs: Virtue, Wisdom, and Meditation. Virtue is the practice of a rational ethics. Wisdom includes both philosophy and psychology. Meditation integrates the other two into a technology of human transformation. Meditation has been embraced as a method for stress relief, psychotherapy, and as a tool for brain research (e.g. MRIs of monks meditating). But it would be a great mistake to throw out the baby (the transformational power of the Buddhadharma) with the bathwater (Asian religious doctrines).

This weekend we will examine the teachings on Wisdom and Virtue, free of religious accretions. Through experiential exercises, we will explore how they become a powerful spiritual path when incorporated into meditation. Finally, we will examine controversial Buddhist religious doctrines in light of the Buddha’s original teachings.

About two thirds of our time will be devoted to discussion, and the rest to guided meditation practices.


Jan 20-22 (Friday Evening through Sunday) at the Tucson Community Meditation Center 1231 E. Edison St, Tucson, AZ

Suggested Donation: Friday night only $10-$15, entire weekend $50-$90. No one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

To Register: Send Check Payable to TCMC, along with your name, phone, and email to: Blake B., 5622 E. 13th Street, Tucson, AZ  85711. In the event that the retreat fills up, first priority will be given to those that donate in advance.

Contact: Blake B., tcmcregister@live.com 520-514-2299     Flyer

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